Tuesday, January 30, 2007

About Me and the Blog

Couple quick hits about me:
  • Born in DC
  • Lived inside the beltway in MD until college
  • Went to high school in DC
  • Love the Redskins
  • Love the O's
  • Root for the Terps
  • Went to college and still live in Boston
  • Married

That's it. That's the list. This blog will not be me writing about me. This will be me writing stuff mostly about sports and hopefully funny sometimes. I will not write about my day. I will not write about my home life, or my commute, or my dog (I might break this rule), or my job, or anything like that. The only time I will write about me is when I do something sports related (expect if I play golf - nobody but nobody wants to hear about someone else' s golf game). I can't promise I won't bore you with fantasy details once in a while...

Sometimes I'll write about non-sports stuff. I love music, politics, Madden, beer, slacking ummm...what was I talking about, I got a little distracted. Another thing, I do have a life. So we'll see how often I update this. I get the feeling it will depend entirely on how busy I am at work. But outside of work, I have a wife, a house, friends, and shit to do (starting with playing Madden). So this is not my first priority, but I want to give it a shot.

Things to know:

  • This will contain many inside jokes from Deadspin
  • I suck at spelling - deal with it
  • U2 is the greatest band ever - no arguments
  • Apparently I really like to use ordered lists
  • Also I am a computer nerd (Engineering Degree in Comp Sci) so I may spout some incredibly mundane useless crap once in a while - again deal with it

My biggest influence for doing this is Deadspin. I am not trying to compete with that site (or even the gay mafia at KSK). This is just a stupid blog, but hopefully once in a while I will put out something good and/or funny.

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The Agency said...

Should'nt that be 'best band evah'?