Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It Begins

Where to begin. Well I guess let me explain the title. Those of you coming from Deadpsin know exactly where it came from but for those who didn't....

Peter Angelos is an old decreptid dick who owns the Baltimore Orioles. Having grown up in DC/MD, I grew up rooting for the O's. Then this slick, ambulance chaser comes in and buys my team. At first, he takes the Daniel Synder approach (more on him later). Its fun, the O's make the playoffs. Then a little 12 year old bastard ruin my fun. Anyway, he takes the Synder approach again the next years. Again they makes the playoffs. Great team by the way.

The 1996 - 1997 Orioles were a ton of fun to watch. Pat Gillick, as GM, brought in a slew of high quality players to compliment Cal - the greatest SS of all time. Great players, great manager, great GM, and even a great announcer (Jon Miller before Joe Morgan made him insane). Then the greedy lowlife dick decides he'd rather test the patience of one of the most loyal fanbases in all of baseball.
  • He got rid of most of the good players
  • He got rid of the mananger
  • He got rid of the GM
  • He even got rid of the announcer (still don't get that one).
  • He signs Albert Belle (ugh!, that fucking worked out well)
  • He signs Sammy Sosa (ow, my ass is beginning to hurt)

All this accomplishes is pissing off a fanbase that had been constant for 50 years! Stupid Fucking Angelos. So where are we now? The O's might as well be the Royals...damn it. Do you realize how much it sucks when you know going into EVERY SINGLE DAMN YEAR that your team will suck?!?! Sorry, my inner SAS came out a bit there - WHERE ARE MY CHEESE DOODLES??

Anyway, so Peter Angelos sucks.

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