Wednesday, January 31, 2007

First Ever Stupid Angelos Giant Douche Award: Boston - Stupidest City in America

Stupid Angelos Giant Douche Award

That's right, its the first annual...weekly...daily Stupid Angelos Giant Douche Award. The innagural winner is none other than Boston's mayor Thomas Menino

For the record, that is him on the right.

This site is lucky enough to have an interview with our honorable mayor about the situation with the lite-brites in Boston.

SA: Thank you so much for talking to us sir. I'm sure you are very busy today

Menino: unintelligible mumbling

SA: Ummm, thanks. So what was the reason for Boston reacting in such an extreme manner to this ad campaign?

Menino: unintelligible mumbling

SA: Okkkkkkkkay. Did you realize that these small, harmless boxes had been in Boston for 3 weeks now?

Menino: unintelligible mumbling chowdah!! unintelligible mumbling

SA: So how can you explain the fact that many other cities had this ad campaign and did not react like Boston did?

Menino: unintelligible mumbling *takes plain white envelope from a teamster*

SA: What do you have to say to those of us who are now embarrassed to be associated with Boston?

Menino: Gooooooo Sox

SA: Thank you for your time, you Giant Douche.


SlickBomb said...


This is one of the funniest things I've read in a long while. Seriously-- it had me dying.

Hustler of Culture said...

Thanks Slickbomb.

Mrs. HoC says that when she hears him speak, it sounds like layers of fat flapping over each other (enjoy that imagery).

SlickBomb said...

The clown picture was the "Wicked Killah!!" Your e-mail is not listed on the site. Shoot me one? I'm at

Anonymous said...

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