Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Today's Reason Why ESPN Sucks

This is a really negative article about ESPN. So let me preface this by saying that overall, ESPN still rocks. I go there for a lot of sport's news and facts. The website was instrumental in putting together my O's Season Preview. But I feel that the quality of the product has been declining in the last few years. So today I present:

Things from today that exemplify why ESPN sucks now:


Okay so this almost because another Giant Douche Award to Scoop Jackson for his pathetic column today that conveniently plays the race card in order to avoid a serious conversation about the dangerous combination of sports, youth, money, sex, drugs, and violence.

I don't want to go on a rant here but....

I am so fucking sick of that happening. Some bad shit went down in Vegas this weekend but according to Scoop. nothing happened and anyone saying so is a racist. Fuck him. That column was such a cop-out. According to every report (both valid and unsubstantiated), Vegas was a mess this weekend.

So Scoop, is this an indictment of the black race??? No you dipshit!! Its an indictment of the culture around sports today and its propensity towards violence. Don't you think that there were enough white, asians, mexicans and others causing trouble this weekend. By hiding behind the race card, we as a culture are missing an opportunity to make things better by asking some tough questions.

Why do I have to read about this when I go to Page2? Page2 was created to talk about the Lighter Side of Sports. Any stories that weren't funny were supposed to be interesting. Once in a while, Ralph Wiley would write some article that containing a racial argument. The difference then, when Ralph wrote something like this, there was intelligence and a gift for writing about it.

Page2 has turned into a creep show. The stories up on Page2 speak about the following subjects:

I mean, holy shit, why would I read this? I used to really look forward to Page2 being updated every day. The articles were funny, insightful, and interesting. They had Simmons (at his peak), Wiley (always good), the late-great Hunter S. Thompson (must read), Shanoff's Morning Quickie (I think I liked it more than others) and several quality bench players.

Now look at it. If you read Page2, you come away feeling guilty or dirty. Why would I do that? What's the point of Page2 now? I mean really. What was the last great thing to come out of there? So that's it. I may still read Simmons from time-to-time, but that's it. I'm done. No more Page2. They suck.


The second reason why ESPN sucks is because of the crap they shove down our throats. Its gotten to the point now that most of the time when I log onto ESPN, I see a story that I just don't care about at all. Whether its Barry Bonds, TO, NHL (hoc-key?), Soccer, etc.

Right now, on the front page of ESPN is the NFL Combine. All together now: Who Cares?? The draft is in April and that's what ESPN is leading with now. Really? Here are a list of sports stories that I would think could be more interesting:

  • March Madness (as far as I know, March comes before April)
  • Baseball spring training
  • NBA season getting along
  • Golf season about to really get going soon
  • Grudingly I would understand hockey or Nascar

But no, we don't get that. We get pounded with data about the freakin' NFL draft that is like 6 weeks away. Look I am freak about the Redskins. Just seeing the word Redskins will get me to read an article (hell I read one today.) But I mean, please relax a bit here. There are many valid stories with out having to shove the NFL down our throats. I mean there are leagues that are going on RIGHT NOW that are getting pushed to the side because of this.

Another quick example: the poll questions is about TO and Randy Moss. Why do I have to hear about TO EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY??? Why can't I get a break from him? Isn't there any way that I could go until say July or Aug without hearing about him again? I know the answer. I'm sure Scoop Jackson will have an article tomorrow saying that any reporter mentioning that TO lead the league in dropped passes is racist....


The Agency said...

HoC, great comments on Vegas/Scoop Jackson. Society has some ugly truths, which raise questions people don't want to answer. To label those who ask these questions as racist is dismissive and ignorant. I wonder if Scoop has the balls to tell Jason Whitlock (relatively well respected writer) or Michael Wilbon (great writer for The Wash. Post) to their faces that they are racist for questioning the behavior of those in Vegas, much less any other non-African American writer. It has nothing to do with the race of these people, Scoop, but the fact that they are young, absurdly wealthy, and raised in a system that places these athletes on pedestals that they feel extends to every facet of their lives. As a guy who went to one of the premiere sports HS's in the nation, and a "rich-kid" university, in my experience race has nothing to do with it. If Scoop's argument wasn't so infuriating for its thoughtlessness, it wouldn't pass the laugh test. Peddle your hate elsewhere, we're not buying, Scoop.
(HoC, great work, and I apologize for the diatribe, but I needed to get this off my chest)

Hustler of Culture said...

Great comments Agency. I agree with everything you said except for one part.

As a guy who went to one of the premiere sports HS's in the nation


Hustler of Culture said...

Yes, I can be a dick (no surprise to you Agency).

I don't want to downplay your main argument though which was thoughtful and correct.

briangarg said...

I totally agree with you than ESPN has started degrading. There are other channels that provide better sports news.

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Makolyte said...

ESPN sucks because they focus on drama, attention whore players, and are obsessed with certain teams, and totally disregard or give shitty coverage to some sport.

Their NHL coverage just sucks. They probably think Cindy Crysby is the best player out there. Barry Melrose, their "NHL analyst", doesn't know shit and is embarrassing to listen to.

I first noticed their obsession and bias for the Yankees when the Tigers played them a few years ago in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

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